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Warren Elementary School Tennis Courts, School Road, Warren, VT [map]
Please be personally responsible. Bring hand sanitizer, your own paddle, a chair, and a mask.   –   The mask is for non-play times if you can’t maintain social distancing.

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Usman I Diane L Diane T Judith B Geordie H
Debbie K Mark F
Susan W Ken a Roxanne A Hans Laurie B Julia B John C Lee D Sue D Sarah G Susan H Todd K Lauri L Blaine L Peter L Stacy L Pauline L Pam L Dayna and Bob L Nancy N Audrey M Penny P Ruth R Henry R Chuck T Wendy W Claudia W Patty W Diane W Karen W Tuck N Susan M Jeff B Michael B Roberta J Susanne & George S (2) Hilary M Leslie R Catherine N Patrick H Liz B Marty B Tamme H Bonnie B Max P Richard T Sue T Ray g Mike W Lynne B Sarah S Andrew S Dennis Deb W Claire Simpson Susan C Jane S Beth P Carol C Cary F Sue M Barbara C Ken F Mike D Jennifer G Doug B Jessica W Curt S Bobbie B Kris Raylene L Rob L Maura L Sheila W Martha E Paula L Joan R Mary D John D Donna H Phil W Pat T Blaire S Geoff A Sue A Anne G Fran C Greg S Donna C Kaylie V Janet B Suzanne P Cherri S Jean A Peggy J Amelia A Kate M Todd K [2] Nathan B Andrew D Annie F Laurie G plus Husband (2) Sam S Cathy G Matt G Patty G Mark G Nancy N [2] Gary B [2] Kim w Traci s Mary B Linda P Bill P Michael Michael d Derek B Peter K Debbie S Ken H Jane B Steve K Joe K Joseph K

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Game Sun, Sep 13 at 04:00 PM 4 2
Game Mon, Sep 14 at 04:00 PM 4 2
Game Wed, Sep 16 at 04:00 PM 5 2
Game Thu, Sep 17 at 04:00 PM 5 1
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