A group of pickleball players who meet at the Warren Town Courts. All abilities from never-evert to seasoned players are welcome. Paddles and instruction provided if desired. No charge but a small ($2) contribution is welcome.

Sport Pickleball
Home city Warren, Vermont
Team members 119 (Player list)
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My friend Judi and I are teaching a group of people in her neighborhood association to play pickle ball next week. I would like to borrow two paddles from Tuesday through Sunday. Does anyone have an extra paddle that I could borrow?


I was about to ask the same search of my Moretown PB friends....for the following week, 26th thru 30th.

I can give you one for next week. How’s that?


And I meant to continue saying, Geordie, if you can spare me one for that following week (I’ll be “training” Carrie & Larry up in ME!)

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