Hey Mark, just you and me...take a chance and hope someone else shows up or bag it


Was planning on playing but our dog, Gracie, is very sick so we're taking her to the vet. Hope you get a couple of more players.


Adding a couple of Wednesday evening games before Thanksgiving week! Thank you for trying to remember to sign "in" if you plan to play!


Hello folks,
We have over 20 players between our two locations who intend to play this winter - yay!! In Warren we are requesting that all winter players contribute $30 in the next week or so. Susan and Michael will collect and keep track of the money (thank you McBrans!!) Ultimately a pay-per-play system (eg $2 per player per session) may ensue next season but we still have hope that either the fee schedule will be re-evaluated or the rec district may secure a grant to subsidize our play so for this year we may or may not end up having to pay more at season's end. In light of that, we will not collect a big sum of money up front and Geordie has supplied a sign-in book which we should endeavor to fill in accurately each time we play so that we can have a paper record which will hopefully be more reliable than PlayerLineUp to look back on. In the meantime, we have some costs already incurred and are in need of new indoor balls as well. If you plan to play at Warren this winter but are unable to attend a game in the next week or so, please send a check for $30 to
Michael Bransfield
495 Burnt Mountain Rd
Warren 05674
Thank you all, see you on the court!


Can Fran and I pay per game since we'll be back only for December?


Hi Donna,
If you are playing only a time or two at Warren we would certainly appreciate a contribution. If we end up paying the full $7.50/hr rental, it will average out to about $2/player/session.

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Hi gang- we won’t be venturing out tomorrow night with the snow on the way. Sorry will miss seeing Martha, her “one night only from NY” appearance!