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A friend of mine has decided to join our pickle ball games. She is a never ever so I have a greed to show her the game at 3:30 on Sunday. I hope that we get at least four players but also I could use a couple more people at 3:30 to help me show her what goes on.

I have put a new event up for 330 in case there are any other never ever’s who would like to learn the game


Anyone interested in playing at the Montpelier tournament? Looking for partner in all categories. Thanks. Usman Ismail

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On Sunday I somehow left or dropped my green and white mad River Glen hat. I went back to look for it and couldn’t find it. Has anybody seen it? Fun time on Sunday. Great group


For the more competitive among us, this might be something you would enjoy.:

Calling all pickleball players!
Join Montpelier Rec for their first ever Pickleball Tournament! A two-day, round-robin doubles tournament, the tournament will take place at the Montpelier High School Tennis courts on Saturday, August 10 & Sunday August 11. $30 a person ($60 a team) gets you entry into the tournament as well as a tournament t-shirt. Registration forms can be picked up in the office, on the desk outside the gym or online here: Registration deadline is July 31.


I'm going to pass on this afternoon's game. I'm a bit concerned about wet courts and injury. Hope to see you tomorrow evening!